Attilio M. Varricchio

born 1972 in Naples, Italy

Born in Naples, Attilio Michele Varricchio studied medical studies at the University of Naples and specialized ophthalmology. Inspired by the perfection of the geometry and the colors of his hometown Naples, Varricchio devoted himself entirely to the art after completing his medical training. The medical background has provided him unique insight into the way we visualize and perceive shapes, colors and dimension. He uses this understanding to playfully manipulate geometrical shapes and the laws of physics.

Starting from the artistic principles of the Madí artistic movement, Varrichio develops conceptual work, that presents his visions for social development. Based on these ideas, the works that emerge are perfect representations of the Madí group, one that embraces the use of forms and color to create non-figurative art. A central preoccupation of the Madí group was the issue of the frame – or, more generally, the canvas edge. The term “Madí” emerged around 1946 during a period of intellectual jostling between members of the Argentinian avant-garde in order to distinguish the artistic practice of their group from that of the geometric abstractionists around the artist Tomás Maldonado (born 1922). The members of the "Movimiento de Arte Madí" included Martin Blaszko, Alfredo Hlito, Gyula Kosice, Tomás Maldonado, Lidy Prati, Carmelo Arden Quin and Rhod Rothfuss.
Mehrere Werke von Varricchio sind in Dauerausstellungen im Museum für Geometrische und Madí Kunst in Dallas, USA und im MAUI, Museo Moderna Unita ‚d’Italia in Teano ausgestellt. Attilio M. Varricchio wurde eingeladen, in prestigeträchtigen Kunsträumen, wie dem MADRE, dem „Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Donna Regina“, also dem Museum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Neapel und dem Museum Castello Maschio Angioino, Neapel, sowie auf der Biennale in Florenz auszustellen.

Gallery ESSEARTE, Naples (Italy)

Fine Art Asia, Hong Hong (China)

Art Biennal Florence (Italy)
Museum Castello Maschio Angioino, Naples (Italy)
MADRE, Museum of contemporary Art DonnaREgina, Naples (Italy)
MADI Museum, Museum of Geometric and MADI Art, Dallas (USA)

Art Biennal Italia, Caserta (Italy)
Gallery Monteoliveto, Naples (Italy)

Palazzo Mondadori, Venezia (Italy)
MAUI Museo Arte moderna Unita’ d’Italia, Teano CE (Italy)