Carlo Berte

Carlo Bertè

born 1939 in Piacenza, Italy

Carlo Bertè’s paintings are based on old used canvases. The drying process make blemishes appear in his overpainting, which he then partly recreates like a restorer or trys to re-integrate to the picture. In doing so Bertè creates deserted sceneries inspired by the theme of the disaster. It is the result of both his specific artistic process and his interest in the nocturnal scenes, dreamscapes and enigmatic, burning ruins of the fantastic architecture made by Monsù Desiderio. This Baroque painter was rediscovered in Gustav René Hocke groundbreaking book about mannerism in 1957.

Born in Piacenza in 1939, Bertè first attended a private art high school, before joining Mauro Regianni at the Brera Academy of Art. During his time in London and Paris (1975-80) Carlo Bertè maintained contact with numerous artists and intellectuals, including art historian Patrick Waldberg, painter André Masson, and the writer Italo Calvino. Carlo Bertè lives and works in Milan. To this day, he had more than 60 solo exhibitions throughout Europe, Japan and Dubai. Several of his works are part of the collection of the Ricci Oddi Modern Art Museum in Piacenza.

Sormani Library, Milano (Italy)

Officina delle Arti – Piacenza (Italy)

Galleria L’Arte – Cremona (Italy)

Civil Museum Palazzo Farnese, Piacenza  (Italy)

Italian Institute of Culture, San Francisco (USA)

La Hune Brenner Gallery, Paris (France)

LPS Gallery, Latina  (Italy)

La Hune Brenner Gallery, Paris (France)

Castello della Lucertola, Apricale (Italy)