Andrea Zucchi, Mosca, 2008

14.000,00  incl. VAT

Andrea Zucchi, Mosca, 2008

14.000,00  incl. VAT


  • Year Of Creation: 2008
  • Oil On Linen
  • 150 x 120 cm
  • Certificate Of Authenticity
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  • Item Number: AQ 510

The Artwork

Spaesamenti (Disorientation)

The cycle "Spaesamenti" (Displacements) was presented in 2008 at a solo exhibition of twenty works of Andrea Zucchi in Foundation Durinis premises in the center of Milan.

The title of the exhibition „Displacements“ refers to pictorial composition of contradictions in the cycle, that combines architecture and exotics. It illustrates the topic of the alienation and opens a whimsical dialogue between diametrically opposite worlds: an Ethiopian tribe in the Clementine College Library in Prague, a Burka in front of Guggenheim in Bilbao, a warrior of New Guinea in front of Swiss Re Tower in London, Rhinoceroses on the square of the Ministry of Defense in Brazil.

An incongruity between the figures and the places, that Andrea Zucchi presents in an unusual relationship consonances with the formal and chromatic type.

The paintings are characterized by an intense tonality of the hue. The shapes, the figures and the clothing recall the lines and the structural elements of the places and the contemporary architecture they are connected to.

The Artist


born 1964 in Milan, Italy

Milanese artist Andrea Zucchi is one of the most exciting italian artists working today. Critically acclaimed, the painter is known for his representation of the “New Italian Figuration” in Western art. Conversant with a wide typology of styles, subjects, and techniques, from abstraction to realism Zucchi synthesizes different traditions and genres in his work while seeking to counter stereotypical depictions of Photo-Realism.

As Zucchi himself explained, his artistic quest is quite unique. Inspired by Titian, Velázquez, Rembrandt, Manet, Degas and through the deepened observations and researches of Egyptian and Etruscan art, he tries to find the deeper meaning of an image, a memory or a thought, by relating it or connecting it in one way or another „with something else, another reproduction, a memory, a thought, resuscitate it in painting, enliven it with color, delimit its metaphysical limits with geometrical marks and fields“ (Sergio Risaliti, Foundation Stelline, Milan). Based on these connections, he manages to bring fascinating fantasy worlds to life in a work of art and to create scenes conveying obscure and macabre narratives.

Zucchi is known for his complex paintings, which thematically explore the meeting point between creative labour, consciousness, art history, consumer culture, and nature.

Zucchis Kunstwerke wurden in verschiedenen international renommierten Museen und Stiftungen ausgestellt wie: PAC – Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea, Palazzo Reale Museo della Permanente “ (Mailand), MART – Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto, (Rovereto, Trento), Museo di Cento (Ferrara), Hubei Museum of Art (Wuhan, China).

Back in 2008 Andrea Zucchi had a solo exhibition at the Foundation "Durini“ and in 2013 at the Foundation "Stelline“, both in Milan and among the most important art foundations in Italy. In 2015 his work was exhibited at the prominent Foundarion "Sandretto Re Rebaudengo“ in Turin: Praestigium - Contemporary Artists from Italy“. His work has been featured in the most important Biennials, including Venice Biennale (56th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia, 2015), where he took part in 2015 with the exhibition „Origins of Civilization“.

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