Hans Hemmert, o.T. (yellow sculpture fitting to vespa), 1998

7.300,00  incl. VAT

Hans Hemmert, o.T. (yellow sculpture fitting to vespa), 1998

7.300,00  incl. VAT


  • o.T. (yellow sculpture fitting to vespa), 1 ap
  • Editions: 7
  • Year Of Creation: 1998
  • Cibachrome, Sealed Between 8 mm Plexiglas
  • 100 x 75 cm, 18 kg
  • Certificate Of Authenticity
  • Delivery: Delivery: 14 Days For Germany And EU Countries. 20 Days For Non-EU Countries
  • Item Number: AQ 249
  • Photo ©: Hans Hemmert/Bild-Kunst, Bonn

The Artwork

Hans Hemmert: The Invisible Materiality Of Air

With subtle but firm perspicacity, his visual investigation into sculptural materials has led the Berlin-based German artist Hans Hemmert to the uncommon and surprising use of air as a component of his work. Air, latex and the artist himself are the materials used by Hemmert since 1992 for his works with space.

In the large-format slides [...] the artist is photographed in abstract environments obtained by filling with air a fine membrane of yellow latex inside key places of his everyday life: his home, his car, his studio. Air-filled to bursting point, the latex stretches towards the extremes of the container-space, forming a negative of the latter. The limits of the sculpture open inwards, resulting in an effect exactly inverse to that of traditional sculpture. Our perception of the space changes: we intuit the objects’ surfaces (the bed, the windows, cables on the floor), but the objects survive only as back to front traces, as testimonies as much of the objects’ presence as of their inaccessibility.

Anna Cestelli Guidi

The Artist


born 1960 in Hollstadt, Germany

Following his years of formal art studies at the Berlin University of the Arts and St. Martin’s School of Art in London, visual artist Hans Hemmert went on to redefine the concept of sculpture. Breaking free of the very notion of the sculpture as a freestanding form in space, Hemmert reenvisions the genre with a contemporary interpretation of the relationship between sculptor, sculpture and space.

Using yellow latex balloons, Hemmert creates both a sculpture and a separate enclosed world all his own. Cocooned in his oeuvre, this visual artist takes his art to a performative level by physically engaging with and embracing the space and the objects around him.

Every shift, every gesture small or large is an interaction with the outside world. His works not only reconceive the space they are in, but also exist independently as their own space. By virtue of their tangible presence in time and space they act as traditional sculptures.

However, insomuch as there exists a world apart inside their malleable ‘walls’, one that contains its own separate artistic happening, they persevere as independent biotopes.

The exhibit, the art, is twofold. It is present on two unique planes: an exterior world visible to observers and an invisible one that only Hemmert himself is truly privy to.

Hemmert’s performative sculptures have entered the annals of contemporary photography. His work has been exhibited at some of the world’s most renowned contemporary museums including the MoMa in New York, the Museum Folkwang in Essen, the Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea - CGAC in Santiago de Compostella, the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein and the Museum of Contemporary Art Shanghai. His artwork has also been acquired by prestigious collections including those of Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art Helsinki, Malmö Konsthall, and the German Bundestag.

Hemmert’s prolific career has also been honored with ample recognition in the form of awards and grants. This includes stipends from the Senate Department for Science, Research and Culture in Berlin Germany and the Stiftung Kunstfonds, which funds contemporary artists in Germany.

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