Pietro Finelli, Ne l’imagine mia IV, 2016

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  • Year Of Creation: 2016
  • Oil On Canvas
  • 112 X 152,5 cm
  • Unframed
  • Certificate Of Authenticity
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The Artwork

Through an interdisciplinary and transversal approach, Finelli deepens the link between European pictorial tradition and contemporary painting, and makes it his way transposing film language on the canvas. Thus he explores the existing dialogue between painting-cinema and life-cinema and studies the mechanisms of vision, image creation, and light use.

Beyond the explicit reference of the cinematic imagination, we find baroque traces in Pietro Finelli’s works: his painting is the painting of the dark, dark black, obtained for velvet and oil-colored passages. They are the effects of artificial light applied through Chiaroscuro technique (a painting technique developed in the late Renaissance and Baroque periods) to reveal the presence of human figures by trimming their silhouettes in backlight.

The black and white of American Noir becomes a mystery lighting the artist's intentions. It is a real immersion into a dark universe, anxiety that passes through the power of each single image.

In the artist's painting, we find the eternal obsession of blackness that unites many artists in their interpretation and historical diversity - Caravaggio, De Ribera, Rembrandt, Goya, Odilon Redon, Manet, Burri - forced to surrender to the rigor imposed by the color of absence : The non-color, in which only a great technical skill can find nuances and vibrations.

The Artist


born 1957 in Milan, Italy

An ode to the cinema, Pietro Finelli’s Oeuvre is a contemporary masterpiece comprising fragments from movie scenes and film history. During his art study at the Benevento’s Art High School and Architecture at Naples University Pietro Finelli discovered his passion for cinema, particularly in the classic american genre of film production – the „Noir“ movie of the 1940s and 1950s. Since that time the paintings, pastels, and collages of Finelli have the cinematics as a main subject. 

His interest in cinematography is based on the cognitive-visual process that this expressive medium triggers off in a problematic dimension, precisely in the „noir“ movies. The artist is fascinated and literally captured by an atypical manner to emphasize primerily on the vision and the visibility of the artwork than on the theme. Finelli translates the high-contrast black-and-white cinematography of a group of favorite scenes into large size paintings with an idiosyncratic vision in subtle hues, half incisive characterization, half cartoon. With a few strokes on the canvas, Pietro Finelli creates the dark atmosphere of the mysterious "noir" films of the 1940s and 1950s. Dark obsession, dark spaces, mysterious, nocturnal view of anonymous cities, light and shadow, people without faces – all these details reinforce the alienation effect. In Finelli`s paintings the darkness makes visible.

„Pietro Finelli ist Erzähler von Geschichten, die auf Fragmenten der Existenz aufgebaut sind, deren Motivation aus der Notwendigkeit besteht, eine tiefere Identität zu suchen, ein sog.“ inhärentes Substrat „, das die Fülle des Lebens zurückbringt. Finellis Kunst ist eine Ikonographie der Intuition, die verschiedene Ebenen des Ausdrucks mit einander verbindet und wiederholt die Grenzen zwischen Realität und Illusion auflöst. Auf diese Weise ist der Betrachter frei, in einer unbegrenzten Reihenfolge von Bedeutungen einzutauchen, die in einem niemals endenden Prozess miteinander verbunden sind. Wie von Benjamin bestätigt wird, ist in diesem Prozess eine kontinuierliche Anreicherung der „Erfahrungsqualität“ möglich. „

Tiziana Conti (Kurator)

Pietro Finellis Werk wurde auf Ausstellungen in nationalen und internationalen Galerien und Museen gezeigt, darunter in der Galerie MC in New York, Il Ponte Contemporanea in Rom, Galerie Pack in Mailand, Castel Nuovo Museum in Neapel, Musée d’Art Moderne et Contemporain (Mamco) in Genf, Stiftung FJKlemm  in Buenos Aires, Galerie Jacques Cerami in Belgien, VELAN Zentrum für Gegenwartskunst in Turin, Italien.

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