Tranquil Landscapes From The Heart


Vago Valentino’s pictures are part of the culmination of America’s “Abstract Expressionism” and are intellectually akin to the masterpieces of Mark Rothko, Theodoros Stamos and the other great masters of the “The New York School”.

His works from the 70s to present, be they on canvas, paper, in churches or in public spaces, in Italy or abroad, create a delicate, abstract image in both expression and colour. One in which the actual theme seems to disappear into thin air.

His compositions play with light and colour values from light blue to white, pink to yellow, finally igniting into warm red tones. These works engender tranquil landscapes from the heart; they divulge the deepest regions of the subconscious; they embody a voice which vibrates with expression, colour and painterly gesture; their vibrant atmosphere resounds in harmonious cosmic music.

The various hues of colours, which Vago masterfully applies and permeates with metaphysical atmosphere in his lyrical works, occupy the other end of today’s art spectrum. The one oriented towards physicality, provocation and novelty at all costs, even at the expense of reflection and emotion. In his paper works in various sizes, tempera paint is an infallible means of communication for revealing the existence of suspense and momentum.

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Valentino Vago