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Sandro Martini

born 1941 in Livorno, Italy

Sandro Martini was born to Greek-Syrian parents in Livorno in 1941. At the beginning his artistic work was contingented on an instinct way of painting which finally led to an expanded painting concept: canvas to sculptures and "work in progress"- installations to new fresco techniques he now transfers the abstract structure from the surface to the three-dimensional space. Martini focuses on the expansion of space and time which is expressed by his almost unexceptional use of primary colors and dynamic graphic lines.

After graduating at the Art Academy in Lucca (1958) he started exhibiting soon and received some national awards. Today Martini gives lessons in etching and fresco techniques at the Kala Institute in Berkeley and still works closely with the Fine Art Center at the University of Massachusetts, which first invited him to the USA in 1978. Numerous installations of Sandro Martini were sponsored by public art funds or made on public order (e.g. in Toronto, 2012). By now one of his installations is part of the heritage of the Djerassi Foundation in Stanford.


Atelier Cartesio, Milan (Italy)
Centro di Cultura Einaudi Mantua (Italy)
Studio d'arte del Lauro, Milan (Italy)

Galleria del Lauro, Milan (Italy)

Galleria Biffi Arte, Piacenza (Italy)
Gallery Blu, Milan (Italy)

Convento di San Francesco, Comune di Bagnacavallo (Italy)
Gallery Blu, Milan (Italy)

Biblioteca d’Arte, Castello Sforzesco, Mailand (Italien)

Gallery Folini, Chiasso (Switzerland)

Gallery Solaria Arte, Piacenza (Italy)
Frankfurter Westend Gallery, Frankfurt a.M. (Germany)
Fondation Vaf - ZKM, Karlsruhe (Germany)

Folini Arte Contemporanea, Chiasso (Switzerland)
Kala Institute di San Francisco (USA)
Gallery Camaver, Sondrio (Italy)
MART Museum, Rovereto (Italy)

Associazione Culturale Renzo Cortina, Milan (Italy)
Gallery Arteincornice, Turin (Italy)

PoliArt, Milan (Italy)
Museo Cantonale d’Arte, Lugano (Italien)
Antichi Magazzini del Sale, Cervia (Italy)
PaciArte, Brescia (Italy)
Kala Institute di San Francisco, San Francisco s (USA)

Studio Melzi, Milan (Italy)
Gallery Folini, Chiasso (Italy)
Casa della Carità, Milan (Italy)
Casa del Mantegna, Mantua (Italy)
Museo Villa Croce, Genoa (Italy)

Palazzo Reale, Milan (Italy)
Centro Arbur d’Arte, Mailand (Italien)

Il Mercante di Stampe, Milan (Italy)
Gallery Poleschi Arte, Milan (Italy)

Gallery Blu, Milan (Italy)
Gallery Ulivi, Prato (Italy)

Istituto Italiano di Cultura, New York (USA)
Istituto Italiano di Cultura, Toronto (Canada)
Museo Italo-Americano Fort Mason, San Francisco (USA)