Stefan Nestoroski, Zeichnungen

Stefan Nestoroski

born in 1989 in Struga, Macedonia

Stefan Nestoroski, born in 1989 in Struga (Macedonia), lives and works in Rome. His work is interdisciplinary: It ranges from ink and pencil drawings on paper to video installations and works that involve viewer interaction. In 2015 he and Aidan Celeste created the 24-hour intervention "Sometimes Very Close to Nothing at All" in a derelict house in Birżebbuġa, Malta. It served as a single oversized Camera Obscura to research the "alchemical quality of light", according to Nestoroski. Traces of the now demolished building have been preserved in image and film recordings.

The works of Stefan Nestoroski deal with the oscillation between two poles: what we see, i.e. what serves as the meaning or content for an object or lifeform, and what it can be. In other words: The artist is of the opinion that there is still yet something further to understand in our world. That beyond the things, there must be more than is fathomable at first glance. In the moment when he puts a motif on paper, he seeks to expose this double meaning. He completes his drawings swiftly, often within seconds: once the ink has dried, it cannot be revised further. Nestoroski mixes water with a few drops of ink and goes on to distribute it with his fingers across the paper. Forms that recall without literally representing are developed in an intuitive, spontaneous way – identifiable and abstract at the same time.

Nestoroski studied Sculpture and Fine Arts at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence and at the LUCA School of Arts in Brussels. Artist-in-Residence programs allowed him residency at the Mustarinda colony of artists in Hyrynsalmi, Finland.
In 2016 Nestoroski was among the finalists for the renowned "Coming People" art award, the Friends of the S.M.A.K. (Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst in Gent/Belgium) Prize. His work has been shown in numerous group and solo exhibitions such as "abWesend" as part of the VIENNA ART WEEK at Locomot Gallery in 2015, and at the Church of Saint Rocco in Carnago ("Il Terzo Uomo", alongside Fabrizio Milani).
Contemporary art aficionados will be sure to hear more about this artist in the near future.

Stefan Nestoroski:

I have a special relation to drawing, because drawing is not so much an expressive means as it is an analytical tool that can expose the way our intellect operates, back and forth between thing and concept, word and image.

The Serialist, Centro Luigi di Sarro, Rome (Italy)
Il Terzo Uomo (with Fabrizio Milani), Chiesa San Rocco, Carnago (Italy)
Ubi Fracassorium, Ibi Fuggitorium, artQ13, Rome (Italy)

Opere su carta, Studio Legale LBN, Rome (Italy)
Fuori Tutto, MAS (Magazzini allo Statuto), Rome (Italy)
Coming People 2016, S.M.A.K., Ghent (Belgium)
Chunk2, Santi FIlippo e Giacomo Hall (cur. Caef team), Brescia (Italy)
11th One Minute Film and Video Festival (screening), Aarau (Switzerland)
In Linea d'Aria, artQ13 - independent art space (cur. Stefan Nestoroski), Rome (Italy)
Off Course Young Art Fair, The Dynasty, Brussels (Belgium)
Quotidiana, Altinate San Gaetano Cultural Centre (cur. team of curators), Padua (Italy)

Sometimes Very Close to Nothing at All, (collaborative in situ intervention with Aidan Celeste), organised with Fragmenta Malta, Birzabugga (Malta)
How To Show You, Platform Platvorm, Melkweg, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
abWessend, Locomot Gallery, Die Requisite (cur. Lara Bellenghi), Vienna (Austria)
Jonge Kunstenaars 2015, (cur. Filip Luyckx), Sint Lukas
Gallery, Brussels (Belgium)
More Cuts Please, graduation exhibition MFA, Komplot, Brussels (Belgium)
Stripped to Tease, Locomot Gallery, (cur. Lara Bellenghi), Vienna (Austria)

StARTPoint II, Palazzo Medici Riccardi, Florence (Italy)
artTRA, Californian State University Campus, Florence (Italy)

REcycle Sustainable Exhibition, Spazio A, Milan (Italy)
ItalItaly, Fondation Roberto Peano, Cuneo (Italy)

StARTPoint I, Museum of Archeology, Florence (Italy)
La Nativita nell’Arte, City Hall, Lanciano (Italy)