Umberto Faini, Artquisite

Umberto Faini

born 1933 in Milan, Italy

Similar to the Impressionists, the painter Umberto Faini understands color as the bearer of light. His most impressive artistic works all have a fine to dense texture created with colored hatching. This changes the nuance of the works between different shades of color, from powerfully luminous to rather restrained, delicately pastel. Faini not only explores the dependencies and conditions of color, light and perception. Similar to a fleeting thought, he also provokes mental images: the blue of the sky, the yellow of the wheat fields or the red of the poppies, as part of his deliberately borrowed from nature color palette. This makes the beholder seeing abstract landscapes or give him at least a Feeling of it ("a touch of the Adriatic").

Umberto Faini studied at the School of Applied Arts of Castello Sforzesco and in the painting classes of Aldo Carpi and Gianfilippi Usellini at the Art Academy Brera. Later he taught anatomy and painting at the academies in Milan and Bergamo. His extensive experience with both traditional and modern techniques is also evident in his frescoes, such as in Arcumeggia ("Allegory of the wall decoration") or on the facade of the Church of Chiessi, Elba.

Mart - Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento and Rovereto (Italy)

Centro dell'Incisione, Milan (Italy)

Centro dell’Incisione, Mailand (Italien) 
Gallery Ponte Rosso, Milan (Italy)

Gallery Fontana, Milan (Italy)