Urs Bachsteffel

Urs Bachsteffel

born 1958 in Upper Palatinate, Germany

The artwork of Urs Bachsteffel who was born in the Upper Palatinate in 1958 is the result of re-thinking the classical nude drawing that finally leads to its disolution. The line appears to disappear: there is no drawing in a classical way anymore but scrabbling, detaching single elements or emerging letters. Over a number of years Urs Bachsteffel has been replacing the human body by starting an abstract and blurred coat-upon-coat painting which creates different impressions of physical and psycological presence.

Very important for Urs Bachsteffels artistic development is the so-called "sudling". It is a purposeless drawing with one hand, two hands, right, left, with pen on paper, to get to unconscious structures inside. Urs Bachsteffel considers her artworks are as personal writing. Her works can be compared to writing a personal letter. Different elements are interlaced in the work in a subjective, emotion-guided way. It seems to be the same way Urs Bachsteffel combines the materials she uses for painting such as acrylic, watercolor and chalk.